Happy Sunday!
Did you remember to spring forward?

Now is when we lose an hour, I don’t like it. Give it back! Every year I stay sleepy until they change back to God’s time in the fall. Now I hear they are planning to make it permanent in Florida, permanent Daylight Savings Time - I’ll be sleepy for the rest of my life. Thanks Ben Franklin! 

When God created Adam and Eve he also created Clocks. Who are we to try to improve on that. That’s like giving Eve breast enlargement surgery or Adam hair plugs. God gave us a 2 o'clock last call and it should stay that way. I don’t want to hear the birds before I’m supposed to in the morning. You know the birds. The holy cow, it’s late, birds.

Speaking of Cows - Do you like the new banner up top? Don’t get too used to it, for it will change often - the rotation keeps me busy, out of trouble - and it’s fun. 

Coming back from my Mom’s 91st birthday party, held at an undisclosed location last night, we saw a lot of deer by the side of the road. And based on those observations I have determined that deer are nothing more than ultra thin supermodel cows. You can see them on the runway in New York - London - Paris - Munich - talk about pop music.

Poor Cows, They might be great ruminators, and they are definitely the most Zen-Like of all the Barnyard residents - ee-i-ee-i-o. But they are not Sexy, at least not to me. 

But deer, with their latest fashions and jet-set lifestyle -up all night - partying with Hollywood A-listers and Rock Stars, their svelte bodies and alluring moves, are. Deer are too sexy. Too sexy for Keystone Heights - Milan - New York - and Japan.   

Back to the party...

I’ll be back with one more one hit wonder in a few•••
Here’s my mom Girl #20 (if you have no idea what that means check out the post from last week titled “GRAVY”) blowing out 91 candles. I know it looks like only two, but her eyes are getting old. 

We all had a wonderful time, and of course everyone wanted to try out my new secret invention - the {INFORMATION CLASSIFIED}. Donovan, of course shows everybody up with his {CLASSIFIED} and his unbelievable  {CLASSIFIED}. But he couldn’t get it to {CLASSIFIED} I still have a few bugs to fix. 

While I was there I took a few snaps of old family pics hanging on the wall and some new ones of alive people standing in the room. This is the first time Ive used the Gallery Feature of the webby deal - If I’m not back in 15 min call a cab.

  1. Mom 
  2. Poppy (my Mom’s Father) WWI
  3. Baby Andy
  4. Army Andy (too sexy for my M16)
  5. Savvy and Me (I gave her a dollar to look happy) just kidding she’s GREAT like Tony the tiger shark.
  6. Daddy WWII

That was fascinating, wasn’t it?

Now for one more “one hit wonder"

OK! the time on my Computer and smart phone have both changed to DST (that hour is gone and won’t be back till fall) and the world didn’t end. I was here through it all - didn’t  hear or feel a thing. I think someone just made it all up. God sure didn’t. God needs a watch like a fish needs a bicycle, and a fish needs a bicycle like the world needs another one hit wonder. But, if you think about it, we are all one hit wonders. One hit wonders written and produced by God. Not a bad thing for something who can’t even tell time.

Think I’ll go do something - even if it’s wrong - or as a friend would say ...Holy Vrappli!

Until Monday




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